What is a sports bar?

Is the opening of the hockey season or an important football match on the nose? This is the time to get together with friends and head to the nearest sports bar.

What is a sports bar? This is a meeting place for true fans of sports, which provides an opportunity to experience the joint atmosphere of euphoria and the full range of emotions of the fans. This is a favorite place for sports fans who gather to discuss current issues over a glass of cool beer and plunge headlong into world-class sporting events. Live broadcast of a football match, an important boxing match or an exciting hockey game are the main reasons for crowds of fans to fill sports bars.

Often, a sports bar is equipped with a large plasma screen for broadcasting sports events, comfortable and comfortable sofas for pleasant viewing, various drinks and a sports menu. It is here that you can not hold back your emotions with the phrase “Goal!”. Due to the varied menu, any fun can be turned into a real holiday. Sports bar menu offers fans a variety of beers and a range of delicious snacks to make every event a celebration.


Boxing, football, formula 1, tennis, hockey – in a sports bar you will never miss a single important event in the world of sports. Sports bars are a combination of an affordable price tag, high quality service and comfort. It is here that you have the opportunity to plunge into the sports atmosphere, be on the same wavelength with those present and be transported to the field of play.

If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of drive and unusual positive, the sports bar is an alternative option if you have not got directly to the battlefield.

Fitness bar. healthy eating

Another type of sports bar is the fitness bar. What is his role in the life of an athlete and what is included in the menu of such an institution?

Intense physical activity takes a lot of strength and energy, which should be replenished regularly. Trying to keep the body in good physical shape, many athletes do not notice how they lose important vitamins, minerals and nutrients. After each workout, as well as after training for fitness trainers, our body requires replenishment of energy.

The fitness bar menu is filled with exceptionally healthy drinks and cocktails to restore the spent energy, as well as to overcome the feeling of fatigue. A varied assortment of the fitness bar is represented by freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, protein shakes, energy drinks and light meals with biological additives.

If you still have not mastered the information about the beneficial properties of cocktails and dietary supplements for an athlete, then the training for fitness trainers will tell you all the secrets of an ideal sports figure.

What is stretching and what are its features

The advantage of stretching over other classes is absolute safety. It does not contain exercises that can harm the client. Classes are aimed primarily at stretching muscles, developing joints and are recommended for absolutely everyone, regardless of age, health status.

In addition, you can do it without prior preparation and introductory classes. “For example, yoga is a broad direction, it has many different types. The client does not try until he can understand whether this direction of yoga suits him or not, ”Olga clarifies.

According to her, stretching does not have as such a base inherent in other areas. It is possible to slightly simplify or complicate the exercises, depending on the level of training and the capabilities of the client. The trainer offers variations of the exercise from simple to complex. Anyone can come to stretching classes, try to work out and still be satisfied.

In addition to general stretching, there is a passive type, in which exercises are performed only with the help of a trainer and which is often used in personal training. It is considered more effective because the result can be achieved much faster if the client can relax at the time of the exercise. “When the client does not strain the muscles, and the trainer helps him stretch more with the help of gravity, great results can be achieved. The technique is safe if the coach has mastered it well, knows his profession. The trusting contact between the coach and the client is also important” .

Stretching as part of other classes

Stretching is an indispensable element of both group and individual training. But instructors do not always use it correctly in their classes, and some even neglect it.

It should always be present in the warm-up of the main exercises, when dynamic stretching is performed – active amplitude movements that stretch muscles and develop joints. There must be a stretch after a workout, at a hitch, when it is necessary to restore muscles after a load. In this case, static exercises are performed.

“In stretching during stretching, the main thing is the feeling of the client. He performs all the exercises, focusing on them. If he feels a sharp pain or discomfort, respectively, he either stops the exercise, or the coach changes his starting position. It is important that the client is comfortable and a little difficult”

The main mistakes in the classroom

According to the methodologist, the main mistake of clients in the classroom is sudden movements, and the main problem is the inability to relax. “Sometimes a person does not control his movements, making them abruptly. This in itself is unsafe. It is necessary to teach the client to relax and not to make sudden movements,” she notes.


Coaches should remember the need for an individual approach to any client, even in group classes. In the group itself, it is impossible to harm, because everyone does according to their feelings. If a trainer wants to show an individual how to stretch in a group session, this should be done carefully and with the permission of the client. After talking with him for five minutes, the coach must feel whether he can harm him or not. “The trainer can touch the client to help, but this must be done carefully, dosing the load. Sometimes the client does not give feedback: he cannot answer, it hurts him now, it’s good, it’s hard. Therefore, it is important for a coach to be able to establish personal contact.”