Sports bar business plan

How to open a sports bar, and why is this line of business now promising? The popularity of professional sports as a show has grown in recent years. For many, watching games, matches, races has become one of the permanent leisure activities. Combining it with a visit to a bar where you can drink beer and chat with other fans attracts visitors. We tell you if a sports bar needs special permits, how to choose a room and equipment, and what kind of advertising will be more effective.
Market analysis Researchers write that now the share of sports bars in the market is only 20%.


The competition in the industry is low.

This is a significant advantage for a novice businessman. Another plus is that traditional restaurants and cafes will not compete with such an establishment. Sports bars do not specialize in cuisine – only drinks and snacks. The demand for such a format of recreation – combining watching matches with visiting a bar – is gradually growing. The target audience of the institution will be men under 50 years old. Representatives of the older generation visit sports bars much less often. The demand for such a format of recreation is unstable: high during the season of professional competitions (European and world football and hockey championships, European leagues, winter and summer olympiads) and low when there are no competitions. Sports bars are visited mainly in the evening and at night, so the opening hours are shifted relative to a standard cafe, for example, from 14:00 to 02:00.

Registration and permits Only a legal entity, that is, a limited liability company, has the right to open a sports bar.

This is because the bar will sell alcohol.Preparation of statutory documents and registration will take about 2 weeks and will cost at least 4 thousand rubles. From the point of view of the law, a sports bar is no different from any other catering establishment, therefore it requires similar permits:

  • evidence of ownership of the premises or a lease agreement (if the rented premises are indicated as a legal address, an authorization letter from the owner will be required);
  • positive conclusion; positive conclusion of the fire inspection;
  • a contract for the removal of waste;
  • accounting card for cash registers; register of disinfectants.

Unfortunately, this is not the entire list of required permissions. Sports bars always sell alcohol, and this activity requires a license. It costs 65 thousand rubles and is issued for 1 year. You cannot just buy a license, you will have to prepare a list of documents and comply with the requirements for the location of the bar and its area:

  • area from 50 sq.m (in rural areas – from 25 sq.m.);
  • the object is stationary, with a foundation;
  • connection to all communications;
  • there are no medical, educational, children’s and sports facilities nearby.

The package of documents can be specified on the website – sometimes the requirements are updated. Obtaining a license to sell alcohol will take about 1 month, consider this period when planning your opening. Choosing a taxation system


The best option for paying taxes for a sports bar is a simplified income-expenses mode.

The entrepreneur will pay 15% of the difference between income and confirmed expenses (purchase of food, alcohol, rent). The simplified tax system provides for restrictions on the use, but they will not affect the sports bar – up to 100 employees, income up to 150 million rubles a year. You can also try to work on UTII. An imputed tax is convenient in that it allows you not to count income and expenses, but requires the payment of a fixed amount. There are restrictions on the cafe area – no more than 150 sq.m. Check if the local authority is allowed to use imputation for catering establishments. In some regions there is a ban.
Sports bar premises requirements The sports bar premises must comply with the requirements of the law on the retail trade in alcohol – have an area of ​​​​more than 50 square meters, be away from hospitals, kindergartens, schools and stadiums.
Connection to all communications is mandatory, as well as the availability of a bathroom for visitors. You should not open such an institution in a residential building, because the night work schedule can cause inconvenience to residents. These are legal requirements, but there are others – marketing ones. The location of the bar should be chosen with an eye to reach the maximum number of potential visitors. The central part of the city, a busy area with offices and industries, as well as shopping centers are well suited. The greater the traffic, the more visitors and the higher the income of the institution. It is desirable that there are no direct competitors in the nearest area.

Large rooms are more pleasant for visitors who come to the broadcast of football matches.

Therefore, you should not stop at the legislative minimum of 50 sq.m. If there is an opportunity to find a spacious room, use it. The minimum capacity is 60-70 people. Equipment and Furniture A sports bar business plan should include the purchase of furniture and equipment for the kitchen and customer service area. Interior design can be minimalistic, with elements of sports paraphernalia. It is not of key importance; for visitors, only the convenience of watching broadcasts and the choice of drinks is important. Equipment for the kitchen and utility rooms:

  • refrigerators or freezers;
  • tables for serving snacks;
  • microwave; tableware.

That’s enough for an establishment that only serves drinks and snacks.

If the sports bar menu provides for hot dishes, you will have to include a stove, ovens, cutting tables, and kitchen utensils in the list. Visitor service equipment:

  • bar counter;
  • racks and shelves for drinks;
  • beer tap; 3-4 TVs mounted on the walls;
  • sound system; tables and chairs for 70 people.


The largest part of the costs will be on TVs. One large plasma screen costs at least 150 thousand rubles, and a sports bar needs several of them. The sound system will also cost at least 100 thousand rubles. Also note that you will have to enter into an agreement with cable channels in order for sports broadcasts in the bar to take place legally.