The city’s favorite place for gambling

A sports bar is not a typical bookmaker’s office, where there are always crowds, noise, and disorder. It is a bookmaker’s club, where anyone can come and bet on a sporting event in a calm atmosphere and then watch it on a big TV, sitting on a comfortable and cushioned sofa right in the club. There are no lines in front of the cash register, and you do not have to wait for several minutes to place a bet. You must agree that this is important when it comes to live betting.

Sports bar with bets

Almost everyone knows each other here. The atmosphere here is always quiet and everything is done to make customers feel comfortable. This is the main thing that distinguishes us from many other betting shops.

The premises of the betting club are equipped with televisions all around, several sofas and chairs, as well as a large table in the center of the room, and the window overlooks the city center. You can come here with your friends to relax and cheer for your favorite team and place a bet along the way. On the first floor there is a restaurant from where the waiter can bring you food at any time, and the drinks are poured directly in the club.


Extensive line on sports events

Sports line, which always presents at least 1500 thousand events, is updated every day. Want to bet on soccer? No problem, there are both leading championships—England, Germany, Spain and Italy—and lesser-known ones—Algeria, Ecuador, Wales and Thailand.

The same goes for sports events. The line includes not only popular sports – soccer, hockey, basketball, but also quite exotic, on which you can hardly bet anywhere else. For example, golf, or sumo with surfing. The odds at the bookmaker’s club are also among the highest. Comparing with other bookmaker’s lines, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the odds here are not at all lower, and in most cases even higher.

There is another advantage over other betting shops in the city – it is betting by phone. You do not have to go to the bookmaker’s club to place a bet on a sporting event. It is enough just to call a certain number and the operator will take your bet. This is especially convenient for business people who value their time, besides, it is safe. Betting directly on the site of other bookmakers, you are not insured against the fact that at any time your account can be blocked. By making a phone call, nothing will happen to your bet.

The time of the classic Bookmaker’s Points is dead, they are only needed by bookmakers to maintain the brand. It is very important for our man, even when betting online, to know that here and there are “Fon” booths, and they are not going anywhere: the logic is not the most obvious, but it is there. A partner (who is not related to the brand, but owns a PPP) will never make money on such a club.

A modern PPP is a large space, a lot of translations, computers, air conditioning, VIP-rooms, projectors, a bar (if it has a kitchen, then it is great), places for smoking (cigarettes and hookahs), buffets, promotions, drawings for prizes and much more.

Now, the staff at the PPP is not a “head in the window.” They are the hostess, receptionist, bartender and waiter. The staff is tasked to serve you like in any Rixos hotel.

Previously, a person who came to the PPP wanted to bet and leave; maybe to play a game of live. Now a player comes not only to gamble, he comes to relax, to enjoy the process, he will have a beer, discuss a bet with another client, have a smoke, make a joke with the cashier, tell her about the problems at home, and then make a bet.

Bookmaker’s office, where everything begins and ends with a bet, namely the club, that is a place for comfortable recreation, communication, watching sports, and then it is an opportunity to bet and win on your knowledge and understanding of sports.


The guests of the club will find a design interior, a room for comfortable accommodation, a large modern projector screen and 11 TV screens to watch sports events, as well as a beer bar with light snacks. There are betting machines with sports lines Winline and Rub90, some of which are located in the sofa zone for the comfortable combination of watching sports events and playing at the betting machine.

What could be even better for you. Every day you can relax in a pleasant place and place your bets.