Sports bar

A fitness bar is a place where you can relax after an active workout, sit in a cozy atmosphere, tune in to a sports spirit before class.
Our range includes sports nutrition products from the world’s leading manufacturers. All products are certified. Qualified fitness instructors will help you choose the right product, give advice on what your body needs before or after training – depending on your goals, training intensity and physical characteristics. It doesn’t matter what your goal is – a slim body or relief muscles. The range of our fitness bar will please any visitor!

A special section of the menu in fitness bars is sports nutrition. In order to choose the right sports food, you need to know: after what workouts, which substances are needed by the body and in what quantities, and, accordingly, in which cocktail they are all included. So it is not recommended to prescribe anything to yourself. The bartender should understand the intricacies of sports nutrition, he also advises fitness amateurs (although the main specialist is still a coach).

To achieve good results, special cocktails should be drunk regularly, and physical activity should be constant and intense. It is best if you do not use approximate schemes (how many calories are spent on average during what exercises), but develop a system of training and nutrition individually, together with a trainer.

An important nuance: sports nutrition CANNOT replace all regular food: the stomach must digest solid food, otherwise it will “lose the habit” of working and health problems will begin.

Sports cocktails:

  • were invented in the 1970s so that professional athletes could eat “scientifically”, getting precisely measured amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, sugars, starches, vitamins, etc.;
  • can combine useful substances from different products;
  • all components of sports nutrition are absorbed more easily and faster than from regular food (you can drink a cocktail right before training).

Sports nutrition is most often in the form of a powder that is diluted in water, juice or milk.

There are two types of shakes: protein shakes (proteins) and high carbohydrate shakes (gainers). Proteins (70-90% protein) – building material for future muscles; high calorie gainers (15-30% protein and 50-80% carbohydrates) provide energy for serious physical exertion, recommended for workouts of more than 1.5 hours.

What else can you find in a fitness bar?

Drinking and mineral water.

During exercise, the body loses a lot of fluid – with sweat, with breathing. This is on the one hand. And on the other hand, water is necessary for washing out the metabolic products formed as a result of physical exertion from the muscles. Think about how much tennis players or cyclists drink during matches.

Drinking water can be consumed by everyone without restrictions, and consult a trainer about mineral water: depending on the chemical composition, it affects the body in different ways. For example, water, where there is a lot of potassium and magnesium, can improve cardiac activity.

Energetic drinks.

Their use helps to quickly switch to sports, especially in the morning or at the end of the working day. Almost all energy drinks contain caffeine in an easily digestible form (raises tone), taurine (improves heart function), carnitine (increases metabolism and reduces muscle fatigue), etc. A sort of light “dope”. Like real doping, you should not abuse energy drinks, otherwise the body runs the risk of overworking on artificial “fuel”.

Fresh juices.

Everything is clear with them: the necessary liquid and a storehouse of vitamins and microelements, and from the juices all this goes straight into the cells, without wasting the body’s strength on digesting fiber and dietary fiber. They will help you get a boost of vitamins for the whole day.